As a result of exposure in a severe storm when about the...

As a result of exposure in a severe storm when about the age of twelve, I experienced a serious illness, which left me in delicate health, a condition that continued during the remainder of my schooldays and for several years after I entered upon the work of teaching. It seemed necessary for me to be very careful in regard to food, to avoid drafts and night air, and to refrain from unnecessary exertion.

My vitality was said to be very limited, and occasionally during the year I was confined to bed under medical care for several days—sometimes weeks—together. A time came when discordant conditions gave rise in me to unkind, condemnatory thoughts, which so intensified my ill health (as I have since realized) that I felt I must have some help more effectual than that received through materia medica.

Testimony of Healing
For some time I have been wanting to tell others how...
March 2, 1912

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