Christian Science was first brought to my notice over...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice over ten years ago, by friends who had learned that I was to be operated upon. They came to our home and wanted my husband to try Christian Science first; at which he became very indignant, saying that Christian Science might be all right for some imaginary sickness, but that my trouble was serious and that our family doctor, in whom he had the utmost confidence, said nothing short of an would relieve me. Accordingly within a few days I was taken to a hospital, and operated upon. it was all of six months before I could say that I was even fairly well, and I still suffered terribly with bowel conditions. I suffered in this way at intervals for four years, using every known remedy, some of which relieved for a short time; but as I failed to gain anything but temporary relief, like many others I turned to Christian Science as a last resort.

I had been told many different things respecting my case, by different physicians, one declaring that it was a rupture on the side where I had been operated upon, for which I would have to wear a truss or risk another operation. I am thankful to say that I did neither, but instead called upon a Christian Science practitioner, one whom I had known for many years and loved dearly as a friend. My case was very slow to yield, but I now realize that it was my own fault, since the physical healing was all I then desired. I took several weeks' treatment at that time, and was much benefited, though I still suffered greatly at times.

Testimony of Healing
I have always been a lover of the Bible, and as a result...
March 2, 1912

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