Those who are living in homes in which the occupants are not all students of Christian Science, often find it very difficult to know just how far it is necessary to make concessions to the more material thought surrounding them. In our zeal to uphold the teaching of Christian Science in all its purity, we are sometimes tempted to forget the point of view of others, and thus unthinkingly cause suffering and annoyance which could easily have been avoided had we really carried out in spirit and deed the golden rule, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

All through her writings Mrs. Eddy has enjoined upon us the utmost consideration for all with whom we come in contact. Over and over again she has pointed out that we should never wound another's feelings unnecessarily, and we know that the very essence of the Christian Science teaching is love and charity to all men, no matter what their creed or profession. If it is our privilege to do a helpful action for others, we need to see that the true spirit of love accompanies the deed, or it will be absolutely valueless. Mere outward conformity is of no use at all. No matter if the deed is one quite foreign to all our own convictions, if we go about it in the right way, and purify our own thought from any sense of self-righteousness or criticism, we can bring so much love and charity to bear that we not only help our brother but ourselves also.

February 24, 1912

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