Over a year ago, while watching a baseball game, I was...

Over a year ago, while watching a baseball game, I was struck by a batted ball which fractured my jaw-bone. A physician was called, also a Christian Science practitioner, who said she would treat me absently. I knew very little of Christian Science at that time and did not have much faith in it, so I was glad when the physician arrived. I went with him to a dentist's office to have the needed surgical attention, but before we reached the office the pain which had been very severe had entirely ceased. This surprised me so much that I told the physician, and he said that in the morning it would be worse than ever. It never came back, however, and that part of the healing was almost instantaneous.

Being free from pain, I was quite cheerful and told the dentist how to put the wires on, which was done in a short time. I had positive instructions from the doctor to take my food through a tube for two weeks, and for the next two weeks to eat only soft foods, and then to start very gradually to eat more solid food; at the end of six weeks I could try a little meat, but I was to leave the wires on even longer. I left the office feeling very well, and not knowing exactly why. I saw the Christian Science practitioner the next day for the first time, and had a long talk with her (that being Sunday). I went to work as usual on Tuesday morning, and on the following Sunday I cut the wires off myself and was eating everything, including meat. I have had no pain or bad effects from the injury since, and no one could tell that my jaw had been fractured. One doctor examined it and could not understand how it had healed so perfectly, as he could not tell where it had been broken.

Testimony of Healing
Fourteen years ago I became interested in Christian Science...
February 24, 1912

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