The writer has no desire to discuss or argue upon questions...

Waterbury (Conn.) Republican

The writer has no desire to discuss or argue upon questions of theology; but since our critic has said that "we are living in perilous times and many professed Christians are being deceived," it becomes eminently consistent to show from his own statements wherein he himself is "deceived" as to much of the teaching of Christian Science.

The belief that the material universe is not of God's creating is not held exclusively by Christian Scientists, but is shared by many eminent philosophers and scientists throughout the world. Christian Science rests absolutely upon the Scripture wherein God is declared to be Spirit and the one creator; thus His creation, including man in His image and likeness, cannot be material but must be spiritual. Christian Science teaches that the material universe and sin and sickness with the accompanying experiences are real to our immature, false sense of things; that as we gain a better understanding of God, and of man's origin and birthright, we are able to discern and realize more and more of the spiritual, in which sin, sickness, and death have no place; thus to the degree that this truth operates and one allows the spiritual law to govern, he manifests or expresses God, and in this proportion he represents God.

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