Quietly, gently, with the halo and lovelight of a sublime...

Steamboat Pilot

Quietly, gently, with the halo and lovelight of a sublime faith that was triumphant over material ills, a noble woman has passed into new spheres of action, into a wider consciousness. Mary Baker Eddy is now being everywhere acclaimed as the most noble woman of history, and, as one paper says, through unnumbered generations and by countless millions of people she will be revered as the most inspired woman of all time.

When she first gave out her beautiful vision of the new faith which teaches the perfection of every living thing, of man made in the image and likeness of God, of a perfect creation, she was scoffed and ridiculed. She lived to be the leader of a million peaceful, happy souls and to be accorded a permanent place in the thought and action of the day by even those who do not accept her teachings. Through her message thousands of world-weary, pain-racked, and discouraged souls have been brought from darkness into light. Her story, which has been eagerly grasped by men and women in all parts of the world, tells of no death fear, of no sin or suffering, but of man as deathless, perfect, and eternal, the child of an infinite God, good. She has taught and found believers to the doctrine that the kingdom of heaven is not in some far-distant and mysterious land, but begins here, when man comes into harmony with his creator and manifests divine Love.

January 21, 1911

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