Christian Science was first brought to my notice more...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice more than eighteen years ago, when I occasionally read a copy of the Journal. Not receiving much understanding however, or seeking it, I remained a devotee to surgery and medicine for all physical ills, until after a severe illness some tem years ago, when I was given up as incurable. Specialists who were called in refused to operate, and evinced great surprise that I was living a week later. At that time my father's cousin, who heard of the decree that I was soon to pass on, gave me treatment in Christian Science, my husband knowing of it. To the surprise of all—doctors, nurses, and the household—I rallied. I was told by the doctor on his next visit (the day but one after the above verdict was given by him) that he found my physical condition so improved that I could have a regular dinner. Again my husband had told the cousin above referred to of my condition, and she had seen me a few days before, when her presence and words of love uplifted me. She again gave me absent treatment, and I gained quickly at first, then more slowly, as conditions came up outside of my illness which seemed to affect me.

I had passed through the loss of two of my family friends, having the entire care of one and a great deal in the case of the other, and under conditions which were very adverse to the effective help I was endeavoring to give. This with other sorrow, in the form of grief, fright, and wrong, continued after my recovery from the acute illness. I was still under the doctor's care, and he predicted an early passing on if I neglected to have the treatment ordered by the specialist, although he said it was very improbable that I could survive the ordeal. During this time I asked the Christian Scientist who had helped me, for literature, and received copies of the Journal and Sentinel. The reading of these uplifted me, and I wished to know what the reference to the text-book, Science and Health, meant. some time after, while visiting my mother in Jersey City, I sought out the Christian Science church, and was impressed by the happy and healthy look of those present. As I did not receive relief from my illness, I asked the loan of Science and Health and kept it so long that I had to be reminded. I finally secured a copy of my own, now over six years ago, and the Quarterly soon followed. I then sought out the nearest Christian Science services to my home,—which was Winsted,—where after a time I became a member, as also of The Mother Church.

Testimony of Healing
In March, 1906, I became interested in Christian Science,...
January 21, 1911

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