Whether it be considered as a curious coincidence or a genuine inspiration, the following is interesting: In a volume of essays by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, dated between 1857 and 1881, is one entitled "The Pulpit and the Pew." In this he refers to a "commonplace book" by the Rev. Joel Benedict, one of the New England clergy of a past generation, which contains the following record, made, he thinks, about the year 1773: "Conversing with Dr. Bellamy upon the downfall of Antichrist, after many things had been said upon the subject, the doctor began to warm, and uttered himself after this manner: 'Tell your children to tell their children that in the year 1866 something notable will happen in the church.'" Dr. Holmes continues: "The old man came pretty near hitting the mark;" and he proceeds to enumerate a few events which happened about the year specified, which seemed to him in some degree to justify the prophecy.

Mrs. Eddy gives 1866 as the date of her discovery of Christian Science; therefore this Science was probably in its early infancy when Dr. Holmes' essay was written. Had he lived to see what is evident today in the wonderful growth, and effect upon mankind of the Christian Science movement, his estimate of those early divines as "interpreters of the prophecy" would have been still higher, and he might well have marveled at the old man's illuminated vision. Possibly, too, he would have been able to take the one step further in his position relative to the healing art; for at that time he could say: "No two professions should come into such intimate and cordial relations as those to which belong the healers of the body and the healers of the mind. There can be no more fatal mistake than that which brings them into hostile attitudes with reference to each other, both having in view the welfare of their fellow-creatures."

August 6, 1910

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