When Christian Science found me I was a rather vacillating...

When Christian Science found me I was a rather vacillating and uncertain individual, undisciplined and ever leaving any work that seemed harder than I wanted to do. I had no desire to be forever changing, but the nature of my human make-up seemed to be of that quality which was always leading me to something new. The light of Truth at last dawned upon me, and I saw that if I did not change my habits I should continue indefinitely to drop one thing after another because of seeming hardship. Six months was about as long as I would stick to anything, and in about that time those nearest and dearest to me would begin to watch for the signs that I was getting tired of it, which were usually manifested in what is called "the blues" and kindred symptoms. This condition has been entirely overcome through Christian Science.

The work in which I have since been engaged, and which is not yet quite completed, covers a period of over four years, and is the hardest and most unpleasant work I have ever done. Christian Science has been my only help in its continuance, and it has besides broken many other phases of error for me. I used to be constantly taking medicine and was filled with fear, but the medicine has entirely disappeared and the fear is well along the same road. Love for my fellow-men is daily growing stronger, and I feel certain I am drawing nearer to that condition of mind where we shall all, individually and collectively, love our neighbor as ourselves. The promises of the Bible are constantly growing clearer and dearer and more reasonable, and I live in expectation of their daily and hourly fulfilment. This has all come through the study of the Bible and the Christian Science text-book, Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, and surely it is leading me into the right path.—Edgar D. Williams, Cumberland, Md.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
April 10, 1909

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