Just before Jan. 1, 1907, I was forced to go to Atlantic City...

Just before Jan. 1, 1907, I was forced to go to Atlantic City for a few days' rest, and while there I became suddenly ill with an acute attack of throat trouble. My suffering was intense, combined with a severe headache, from which I had not been free during the past few years. With me was a very dear friend, who had lately come into Christian Science, and she was asking that I might be led to receive the truth—a prayer which was answered in the most wonderful way. I came into this world bearing many so-called inherited afflictions, as from that day until after my twenty-third year I never knew what it was to be free from pain. I had even been blind, the longest period being a year and a half. I had an attack of fever, and also of lung trouble, which left me in such a weakened condition that I was under the care of an eminent specialist for over two years. During all those years I had four operations, which were as severe as one could have and live. Added to this was an ever-present bowel trouble, dating back to infancy, and pronounced hopeless, as both medical men and surgeons agreed that the repeated operations on my back had seriously affected the bowels. This is but a mere outline of what my sufferings were before my operations and in the years following. I had been taken to Atlantic City to recover from my various illnesses, so I knew well the best physicians to be found there, as I had all my life received the very best medical advice that money could secure.

On this memorable Sunday morning I told my friend that we would attend the Christian Science service, my mind being absolutely void of any other thought. I had never been so ill, yet able to be on my feet; still, strange to say, not once did the thought of a doctor occur to me, any more than if I were on a desert island. We found the Reading Room and heard the service, in which I took but little interest, as I was suffering greatly. After the service I asked the kindly First Reader to give me a treatment, which she did, after I had faintly outlined my pains and requested her to confine her treatment to my throat and to ignore the paralytic bowel trouble and my headaches, as I considered them beyond help, having been assured of that fact by many prominent physicians. I saw her the next day, and had my second treatment, then returned home a very different woman. The medicines that I had not been without for years have not since passed my lips; the headaches and the bowel trouble have disappeared entirely. Today I am a perfectly well woman, and weigh one hundred and forty pounds. While I am deeply grateful to God for this blessed health He has given me, I am more thankful for the spiritual uplifting that has come to me at the same time.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science found me I was a rather vacillating...
April 10, 1909

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