The medical bills against which the Christian Scientists...

St. Louis (Mo.) Post-Dispatch

The medical bills against which the Christian Scientists and others who believe in the treatment of diseases without the use of drugs are protesting, have grave fault in that they would prevent any treatment of disease except that authorized by regular schools of medicine and practised by regular physicians. No opening is left for liberty of choice in the methods of healing outside of the practice recognized by the state board of health. The bills provide that none except licensed physicians shall practise medicine or "profess to cure" or "attempt to treat disease." They are very sweeping and stringent, and subject all, except registered and licensed physicians, who profess to cure or attempt to treat disease to injunction and heavy penalties.

No legislation is more necessary than that prohibiting the practice of medicine and surgery by any except well-equipped and trained physicians and surgeons, graduates of schools of medicine or men whose qualifications are proven by examination. The use of medicines, many of which are poisonous, or of surgical instruments, by ignorant persons or "quacks" would be dangerous to the life and health of their patients. But to go beyond this and say that no one shall profess to cure or attempt to treat disease, except men equipped to give drugs or use surgical instruments, is to debar those who may not believe in the use of drugs or instruments from using any other method of treatment.

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