Religion , according to its accepted Latin derivation, is that which binds man back to God, the ligament or tie that holds man in union or at-one-ment with God. It is also that which shows man's relation to God, and this relation to be that of sonship. Through a true sense of religion we receive and reflect life and health. Through religion or conscious relation to God as substance, man reflects substance and affluence. Through his religion or relation to God as Mind, he reflects intelligence, understanding, spiritual consciousness, etc.

Religion is to humanity what the trolley connection is to the street-car. When this connection is made the car receives power by which it moves on harmoniously. So when the relation of man to God is realized in Christian Science, we ought to expect an instantaneous reflection of power and health and harmony. As there is one motive power to many cars, so we are all animated and moved by the one Mind and power, even God, Life, Truth, Love. Religion is to us as the union of the ray of light with the sun. This union is beyond the reach of mortals. So the eternal union of man to God is metaphysical, hence beyond the asserted power of finite mind, but nothing can break the spiritual man's relation, or life-link, to the infinite God, or Life. "I and my Father are one," said Christ Jesus. Through this oneness, this vital union and communion of man with God, the spiritual man receives and reflects all the blessings, qualities, and attributes of God. "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine."

April 10, 1909

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