Many times, when I have been depressed and discouraged,...

Many times, when I have been depressed and discouraged, sometimes over trifles, or perhaps over heavier difficulties, the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal have been the means of help and encouragement to me. I send this bit of my personal experience of the healing power and presence of divine Love, in the hope that it may in its turn reach some human need. Some five years ago I sought for help in Christian Science for serious bowel and female trouble of twenty years' standing, accentuated by extreme nervousness, and I was entirely healed of the organic trouble within a very few weeks. Since then I have gradually worked out of the nervousness, apprehensions, and general unrest, until peace of mind and health of body have been attained. This physical and mental healing has made of me a changed woman, and made of our dwelling a home! If there be any one who is discouraged as to the ultimate triumph of truth, or any one who is skeptical of the healing power of Christian Science, my statement of physical healing can be substantiated and I will willingly answer a direct inquiry.

I am very thankful to God for these blessings, and grateful to Mrs. Eddy for the help I have received.

Testimony of Healing
In submitting this testimony of the benefits derived by...
April 10, 1909

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