PEOPLE outside the ranks of Christian Science are some times heard to speak of various individuals as Christian Science "leaders" in this or that church or community. Coming from this source such a statement may be excused, although it should not go uncorrected. For a Scientist, however, to speak of some friend or favourite as a leader, is entirely out of keeping and not helpful to our Cause.

We have one recognized Leader, who is such by virtue of her unique position as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. She has not sought, but accepts her place, and fills it as no other could. It is self-evident that there cannot be two discoverers of a truth, although this truth may be rediscovered after being lost to human sense for centuries; but countless multitudes may follow in the footsteps of a discoverer and, by reason of using it, make the new knowledge their own. No one would think for a moment that Moses sought personal following among his brethren in Israel. He strove to lead the people out of their bondage to materiality, and on to the exalted plane of a spiritual knowledge of God. Like Moses, Mrs. Eddy has sought to bring about a spiritual end, while declaring herself still to be "a willing disciple at the heavenly gate" (Science and Health, Pref., p. ix.).

October 9, 1909

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