I feel it my duty to express through the Sentinel my...

I feel it my duty to express through the Sentinel my gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, for what Christian Science has done for me and mine. On the 24th of May, 1895, my brother presented me with a copy of Science and Health, and this was the first time I had ever heard of Christian Science. The thought of another religion was distasteful to me, but a few days later, while suffering intensely from rheumatic trouble, which I believed incurable, I began to read the book, with a faint hope that it might help me. The first teaching I grasped was that God did not send sickness, but that He healed it. Then the thought came to me, I can soon prove this,—and in turning to God alone for help the pain left me. I also had lung trouble, of which my mother had died. A throat and lung specialist had told me some years before that I would not live two months without treatment, and even he would not promise to cure me. I was under his treatment for several years and seemed to get somewhat better, but nothing would cure my cough.

While I was reading Science and Health, heart disease, and an internal trouble for which an operation had been advised, besides a bowel trouble of long standing, all disappeared. A stomach trouble for which I had to take morphine, as nothing else would give me relief, was healed instantaneously, the attack lasting only a few minutes, where formerly I would be in bed for several days; a severe nervous trouble also vanished into its native nothingness. In looking through the Bible one day, the third verse of the 148th Psalm caught my eye, and since reading it I have never felt a terrible depression from which I had suffered. My husband was healed of kidney disease in its severest from; one son of lung trouble and abscess in the head; a daughter of fever. Other diseases, too numerous to mention, have also been overcome in our family of six children through the understanding gained by reading Science and Health. Our eldest daughter, at that time a child of eight, had suffered nearly all her life from ear trouble, and medical treatment seemed only to increase her sufferings. She would sit in my lap and we would cry together in hopeless despair. Oh, the joy that comes to a mother's heart when she sees the smile come before the tears caused by the pain are dry. To be able to relieve pain amply repays one for all the struggles, scoffs, and sneers that a pioneer in Science has to endure. I could write much more of the help received, and then the half would not be told.

July 13, 1907

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