My heart goes out in gratitude to our beloved Leader...

My heart goes out in gratitude to our beloved Leader for the truth she has given the world. He who will read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and open his heart to divine Love, will receive many rewards and his life will be one great harmony. Christian Science came to my help in 1899, when all else had failed. My dear mother said to me on the Sunday morning I reached New York, "There is God and Science; you know Christian Science has healed me, and it can heal you, dear boy, of the drink habit." For ten years I had been a slave to intoxicants, and in that time I had tried all the so-called cures, but they had no effect on me. Drink had been my false god, and for it I had lived, but when I reached home that morning I was willing to do anything for relief. I went down on Madison Avenue, where Christian Science meetings were held, and listened to the Lesson-Sermon. I was introduced to a practitioner, who asked me to call at her office the next day. I shall always remember that service, for never had I seen such love and happiness written on the faces of a religious body. Then, too, my hand was clasped in brotherly love, although I was addicted to drink. The same love was shown me next day, when the practitioner took me into her office and talked to me as I had never been talked to before. She gave me the first sight of God's great love, and showed me how Christ, Truth, was ready to give me help. She said, "God can heal you, and no other can. Look to Him for help and believe in Him, and the peace that passeth all understanding will come to you."

One treatment cured me. I read the Christian Science text-book, and have done so ever since. Taking the Bible and Science and Health as my guide, I have struggled through the wilderness of material thought until to-day I can see how great is Love, and I see in my daily life God's power to lead "beside the still water," where one is at peace with all men. Again I lift my voice in praise to our dear Leader for the great good she has brought to the world, and I say in closing, "Seek, and ye shall find."

Testimony of Healing
Two years ago I was taken seriously ill, having had...
June 15, 1907

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