Gratitude impels me to add my testimony to those of...

Gratitude impels me to add my testimony to those of the innumerable company of mortals who have been lifted out of the miry clay and set upon the rock. I was very antagonistic towards Christian Science, believing everything I heard against its followers and its teachings, and disbelieving all I heard in its favor. I had the impression that Christian Scientists did not believe in the divinity of Christ and that they rejected the Bible; moreover, I did not hesitate to express my opinions on the subject. A great deal of suffering and trouble seemed to be necessary to open my eyes to the fact that I was mistaken. At fourteen years of age I had been "converted," and joined an orthodox church. I always longed for the blessed experience of sanctification which some of that denomination said they experienced. I did my best, but came short of the peace I desired. In December, 1902, after an attack of illness, I was left in a partially helpless condition, being unable to walk or to move my right limb. I was in a hospital seven weeks, having four doctors in that time, and was then taken home in an ambulance. I returned to the hospital twice during the summer to receive electric treatments. In the mean time I had osteopathic treatment for two months, some herb baths, etc.,—all with only temporary benefit, though my doctor did all he could for me.

During my last stay at the hospital I formed the acquaintance of a young girl who was the means of leading me to Christian Science. After she left the hospital she went to work for a lady who was a Christian Scientist, and soon had a copy of Science and Health of her own. Bitterly did I oppose her becoming a Christian Scientist, and I wrote her a letter in which I said that I would rather see her in her grave, with her old sweet faith in Christ, than to have her become a Christian Scientist. One day I was talking to her about her new faith, when she interrupted me by asking, "Have you ever read Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy?" I answered, "No." "How do you know so much about it, then?" she asked. That remark gave me the shock necessary to wake me up, and I consented to read the book. She borrowed one at the Reading Room for me, and I had not read fifty pages before I knew that I had found the truth and that I should be healed. I soon had a copy of my own and received treatment of a dear practitioner. One by one the ills clinging to me have disappeared, until now I walk with crutch and cane out of doors, and without either in the house. I do all my own work, and have excellent health. I have been healed of many diseases, have left off glasses, and have had many physical benefits which it would take too long to relate. But best of all I have found the peace for which I had so long sought. I have also been able to help others, for which I am more grateful than I can express.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a deep sense of gratitude to God, and to our...
June 15, 1907

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