When I first became interested in Christian Science I was...

When I first became interested in Christian Science I was an utter skeptic, but knowing of a serious case of disease that had been cured by it, I decided to investigate it. I had been under the care of different doctors for nearly six years, trying everything that promised relief; but after all, I found myself with nearly half a dozen so-called incurable diseases. For nearly two years before trying Christian Science I had been under the constant care of one of the best nerve specialists in New York, but all to no effect.

When I first went to a Science practitioner I intended to drop my old treatment very gradually, and when he told me I could stop the medicine and dieting at once and eat anything I pleased, I laughed at him. I, however, did as he suggested, and had a good night's rest, when I was more inclined to laugh at myself. Since that time two of the diseases have simply disappeared, and their instantaneous healing led to my study of the text-book, Science and Health, until one by one all my ailments have disappeared. I now enjoy better health than ever before in my life. It is now about four years and a half since I began the study of Science, and though at first I needed help from practitioners I have been for over a year relying entirely on my own understanding of the Bible and Science and Health. I find these an ever-present help.

Testimony of Healing
Through the understanding that God is All in all I have...
August 25, 1906

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