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Prayer was the natural breathing of his soul. He was saturated with piety. But, so far from this involving him in an effort to produce specific, technical "conversion," after the manner of any and all types of this experience, in him the great reality of the spiritual life is dissociated from all these things. The aim of Jesus is infinitely profounder than all this conventional desire of revivalism. In him the spiritual life never ends in anything said or done at any stated time. It is not a set event, like repentance or conversion. It is the introduction of a new power into life. It is a germ, a seed cast into the soil. It is a new quality of experience which is a leaven, filling the soul, shining in the eyes running over, dropping like honey from the lips, imparted like the perfume of a rose to all the neighborhood. . . . There is a cry for "results" in most churches and in most people. And by results they mean things or converts they can count and tabulate. But we repeat that this is not the method of Jesus. His work is to breathe upon and in men this new life from above. He introduces into the soul a dynamic energy, a mighty, moulding, transforming energy, but he does not harness this to some formula.

The Universalist Leader.

August 25, 1906

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