The True Concept of Law

IN the Bible we find an almost continuous record of events which prove that God's law is supreme over all, and which disprove the theory that real law or power exists in matter or material conditions. In spite of this fact, however, human belief has set up many asserted laws, physical, psychical, and hygienic, and is constantly condemning those who do not obey them to suffer or even to die. But like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego the Christian Scientist can say, "We are not careful to answer thee in this matter. If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand." We know that the understanding of Truth will deliver us from the fiery furnace of mortal belief, and all the attacks of error will fall harmless before the active consciousness of God with us. In the case of the three young Hebrews who insisted upon worshiping God according to their highest understanding, even though it seemed that their very lives were endangered, yet were they impelled to declare their trust in God even to the ultimate, and they steadfastly declined to worship according to the popular but idolatrous concept of deity. In this age the so-called laws of nature are held to be laws of God but a close study of Scripture shows us that in all times God has been teaching men that law is wholly spiritual, that it is independent of matter, that there is nothing in matter upon which to found law, and that therefore human belief is utterly powerless to condemn to suffering and death those who rely upon and assert the supremacy of God, good, and observe His laws alone. There is not an asserted law of matter that is not proved powerless through one or more of the instances given in the Bible, and the multiplicity of these examples cannot be accidental.

All thinkers admit that the Bible contains the truth which provides for the salvation of mankind, but it remained for the consecrated thought of our Leader. Mrs. Eddy, to show wherein this salvation lies. She has shown us conclusively that the record of the overcoming of the so-called laws of matter by God's spiritual law and presence does not testify to the occasional interference of a capricious deity but to the operation of an unchangeable Principle by whom man is always governed. These unnumbered instance of God's power have not remained through the centuries merely to astonish mortals with the thought of His ability, but rather to show from every standpoint that God is supremely good, and that His law is accessible and operative at all times, in spite of the manifestations of evil resulting from the belief in material laws.

Thoughtful men and women are coming to see that infinite Love could not have left His offspring subject to the cruel vagaries manifested through material law. The inspiring consciousness that power, or law, abides only in God, who is good in every manifestation,—"altogether lovely,"—is coming to humanity, and is bearing the precious fruits of health, happiness, harmony. That the true significance of Immanuel soon penetrate the consciousness of all mankind, is the daily prayer of all those who follow Christ in thought, word, and deed.

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The Condition of Having
May 26, 1906

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