The Condition of Having

How true it is that when we cease to use we cease to have. If we use what we have. we make room for just so much more, and the infinite supply is always forthcoming. If we plow and plant an cultivate. some time we shall reap the harvest. If we put not the seed into the soil, and thus use it, there will be no crop to garner; but if we sow our seed, withholding not our hand, it may bear a hundredfold. If we use our strength in service, in obedience to Truth, it will be renewed; and we shall find each new task the lighter for having done well the one preceding. If to-day we do something that seems almost beyond our strength, yet do it in reliance upon God, the next time we have that same task to do it will seem much easier.

To love God with all the powers of our being, and our neighbor as ourselves, will make our lives both broad and deep. True love ever blesses both the loving and beloved. As a child, it troubled me because I could not understand how, if I loved God with all my heart, I could love any one else; but as I understood Love as divine Principle, even though dimly and imperfectly at first, yet more and more clearly as the days went by, I came to realize that by loving God I increased by just so much my capacity for loving all His children.

Another Minister Accepts Christian Science
May 26, 1906

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