"We have only as we give."

THE child who has learned that two times two are four is as well qualified to tell this simple truth to another as is the person who has mastered all the higher branches of mathematics. If, therefore, we remain silent and refrain from telling others of the good that has already come into our lives from the study of Christian Science, simply because we are not yet perfect, because we have not yet attained to the full understanding of Christian Science,—the Science of Christianity, the Science of Life,—our growth is retarded to just the extent that we permit ourselves to be held in the bondage of this belief of a lack of fitness to speak. The child gains a clearer understanding of the multiplication table by telling others what he has learned, and he puts this acquired knowledge into daily use by improving each opportunity to do so. This is true of all that we know concerning any subject, whatever its importance to us, and it is especially applicable when we consider the grand possibilities to the world in the teachings of Christian Science.

One may say, "I am not as good as I should be, but through the help of Christian Science all who are sincere can see daily progress in reaching its high ideal; and with Paul they can say, I am persuaded nothing can separate us from the love of God, for victory is on God's side.

Giving to The Mother Church
February 17, 1906

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