Although I did not come to Christian Science for physical...

Although I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing, I have benefited so much in health, and in other ways, since entering on this wonderful new life, that I would be ungrateful indeed if I did not express my thankfulness for it. By means which would be deemed miraculous without some understanding of Christian Science, I have been enabled to cast off many physical bonds and infirmities, which, under the old thoughts, were year by year getting me more firmly in the toils; and though now a good few years over the half century, I find myself not only enjoying a full renewal of health, but in a measure quite rejuvenated, having gained "the freer step" and "the fuller breath" which are characteristic of the true sense of Life.

At the time I first heard of Christian Science I did not count myself an invalid, except on occasions; but I know now that I was, to sense, the veriest slave to many infirmities, and that every year was adding to my thraldom. Bronchitis, lumbago, rheumatism, each claimed me as its victim, and so frequently that I was seldom without one or another of them; while other infirmities, such as failing eye-sight and getting out of breath on the least exertion, were daily becoming more and more troublesome. In this miserable state I lived, and was content in a way, flattering myself with the delusion that all these ailments were dispensations of Providence, and that, as such, it became me to bear them with resignation, and even with cheerfulness.

Testimony of Healing
About the year 1885 I began to have medical treatment...
February 17, 1906

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