It is nearly two years since I began to grasp the spiritual...

It is nearly two years since I began to grasp the spiritual teaching of Christian Science, and my life has been transformed,—changed to its very center. I walk in a different atmosphere. Life is sweet, genuine, good, and beautiful. In the old thought I was a semi-invalid much of the time,—depressed, weak, inharmonious, and physically a sufferer in almost every way. Nearly three years ago a brother came to visit me. I knew he had become a Christian Scientist, though what that meant I did not know, but I saw immediately there had been a vital change in him. He had formerly been an inveterate smoker, and I noticed instantly the absence of the odor of tobacco. As soon as I felt free to do so, I asked him what that meant. I remember he smiled and said he did not want it any more. This seemed very remarkable, and when I found opportunity I asked him to tell me about Christian Science. He gave me some to tell me about Christian Science. He gave me some Journals and Sentinels to read, and the testimonies particularly interested me. During my brother's stay he treated me for backache, and the treatment was successful. Before that I had not been able for many weeks to walk to a neighbor's house and back without suffering intensely. I had used various material remedies, but nothing seemed to stop the pain. It has been entirely cured by Christian Science. At that time my little girl was only six weeks old and mortal belief seemed to hold me in severe bondage. I knew nothing of Christian Science, but my brother told me that if he treated me I should lay aside my medicine. I was open to the advice given, and in one treatment constipation was entirely overcome, so that the trouble never returned.

My growth in Christian Science has not been rapid but it has been steady, and I am very thankful for the knowledge of Truth that I have. I have been healed of nervous prostration, melancholia, different forms of indigestion, severe headaches, and catarrh. My management of the children has been changed and improved. My little boy of six often helps me and helps himself. We have seen severe sick-headache vanish with one treatment, and chicken-pox and measles under a few treatments.

Testimony of Healing
About three years ago I was healed at once of rheumatism,...
January 20, 1906

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