Only One Christian Science

One of the difficulties encountered in making Christian Science and its work understood by the public, is in its being confounded, as it often is by those who are unfamiliar with its teachings, with the claim that healing can be done through the influence of the human mind, so-called. It is a manifest injustice to the Christian Science Cause to class it as of the same lineage and teaching as any that is not based upon the understanding of divine Principle,—the one Mind, as revealed in the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. Thanks to the work of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, the Publication Committees, and other denominational agencies provided by our Leader, it is now becoming better understood that Christian Science has no connection whatever with any system which does not recognize divine Mind as the only healing power, and that it occupies a position apart from that of any human belief, ology, or ism, however much these may seem to imitate its language or fundamental ideas.

One not infrequently meets those who claim kinship with Christian Scientists because they think they "are studying along the same lines." There are still others who insist that their beliefs are "just the same as Christian Science." It is evident that these do not understand the distinction made by Christian Science between what it designates as "mortal mind" and the infinite divine Mind. or God. They do not realize that when they speak of "mind" they are not saying the same thing as do Christian Scientists when they say "Mind." They have not learned to distinguish between the mesmerism that changes one mental belief into another, and the scientific destruction of the erroneous belief through a knowledge of divine Mind and His supreme government of man. Not understanding these vital differences, they may conclude that they are thinking the same as the Christian Scientist, when the fact is quite the reverse.

January 20, 1906

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