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The primary purpose of Jesus Christ was not to expound a theology, but to upbuild a life. A church has made theological progress when it has come to realize the relatively subordinate position which any theology, however true, must take. Most men have some sort of a theology, but its influence on their lives will depend largely on how they get it. If one gets it primarily by an intellectual process, if it is chiefly a system of ideas about God and man and Christ and destiny, then one may have a flawless theology which has hardly speaking acquaintance with his spiritual life, just as one may know how a church is built without having any desire or purpose to build one. But if a man's theological ideas are primarily the attempt to voice his spiritual experience, to set forth truths involved in right living, if he holds them primarily not so much because they are intellectually true as because they are spiritually necessary, then his theology will profoundly influence his life.

Rev. Frederic W. Perkins.The Universalist Leader.

January 20, 1906

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