Having been greatly benefited by Christian Science, I wish...

Having been greatly benefited by Christian Science, I wish to give my testimony. Two years ago I started out to find a way by which people could not only be cured of sickness but kept well after being helped. I needed help myself, and fully intended to make myself useful for others, whenever I should be prepared for the work. My idea was to take a four-years course at some medical institution, after that to take up the study of Christian Science, and then combine the two. I knew that the spiritual part was necessary, but at that time I did not know that it could do the work alone. Prior to taking up medical work I had purchased a copy of Science and Health, and had read it through once, but did not understand very much of it. I took a year's study in a medical college in the West, expecting fully to complete my course; but during the summer following my first year's work, I took up the reading of Science and Health again, thinking it would be profitable to spend the vacation in that way. The result was that I never returned to the study of medicine, but went to Boston the following winter to look into Christian Science more thoroughly. I soon became convinced that it was the truth, and last spring I decided to spend all my time in doing what I could in this great and glorious Cause. While reading our text-book I was healed of stomach trouble, and of many dietetic and medical beliefs, for which I am very thankful. I now know, as our Leader says, that "Mind governs the body, not partially, but wholly" (Science and Health, p. III).

My desire to find a system by which people could be healed and, of all, couldd be permanently kept well, was answered in Christian Science,—the best preventive medicine that there is. My gratitude to God, and to our Leader, for this truth can best be expressed in my daily life and deeds.—Harry C. Taylor, Springfield, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
I was told by my doctor that I had at the longest about...
January 20, 1906

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