Although I am but a novice in the study of Christian Science,...

Although I am but a novice in the study of Christian Science, I desire to contribute my heartfelt thanks for benefits received. Some months ago my wife formed the acquaintance of a lady who was a Christian Scientist. Being prejudiced, I did not approve of this, especially as I soon noticed that my wife was trying to practise in the home the doctrines of her new-found friend. I had always been a believer in materia medica, and one can well imagine my anger when my wife, in response to my request for medical help when I was ill, asked me if I would not try Christian Science. This so incensed me that I ran out in a pouring rain to the nearest drug-store and bought some medicine. The medicine had no effect, nor did the other remedies which had always before proved beneficial in any way bring relief. Finally I gave up taking medicine in despair, but I managed after a few days to return to my work, feeling at enmity with the whole world and with myself in particular; but this was not to last long. After three weeks I was suddenly taken severly ill with catarrhal fever, and again my wife suggested Christian Science. Mentally reviewing my former experience with medicine, and as I was growing worse and suffering greatly, I gave my consent, and allowed her to send for her friend. She came, took her seat by my bedside for a few minutes, and then left, but never shall I forget the experience of those few minutes. A calm so peaceful and beautiful filled my cousciousness that I felt as though I were in another world. In two hours all fever had left me, and the following morning, I arose, refoicing and praising God as revealed in Christian Science.

For the following two weeks I felt as though I had been lifted above the earth. I had always been a very profane man, but now nothing could come up to cause me to swear. Then, too, came a desire to read the Scriptures, and together my wife and I began the study of our much neglected Bible and the Christian Science text-book. Soon we began to put into practice the truths contained in those two wonderful book, and the more we read and study the more we appreciate our copy of Science and Health and its author. Mrs. Eddy, May God's blessing ever rest upon her.

Testimony of Healing
The study of Christian Science has enabled me to overcome...
January 20, 1906

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