The Lessons of Obedience

There are so many reasons why obedience blesses the obedient one, that it becomes really desirable to seek obedience for its sake. The child who obeys a parent, is thereby learning the meaning of self-surrender. The obedience itself is the educational force. It has a far-reaching result which the child may not clearly see at the time when the obedience is demanded. The act of yielding the stubborn will or the selfish desire, has a lasting effect upon the nature of the individual, whether or not the circumstances attending the surrender are immediately beneficial.

It is a difficult matter always to foresee the results springing from a present obedience, but this we know, that the self-surrender is purifying in its action and effect. Learning to yield to the wishes of others, striving to consider the interests of others and to obey that which, even in small matters, confers the greatest good upon the greatest number, certainly does prepare the way for the great sacrifices which at some time must come into every human life.

Giving Account
July 2, 1904

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