Giving and Gain

Much is said nowadays by religious writers respecting an alleged decline of spiritual earnestness and activity, and not a few facts, such as the passing of revival movements, the indifference to Sabbath observance, the falling off in church attendance, the free and frequent criticism of creeds and dogmas, etc., may be cited in support of the contention; but in one respect the religious world is certainly establishing a record; namely, in its giving.

The raising of enormous twentieth century funds by various denominations has drawn special attention to the subject, and a religious weekly before us gives figures which have authorized the conclusion that about three hundred million dollars is annually contributed in the United States for the support of religious services and institutions, while not less than a billion dollars per annum are expended in the support and propagation of Christianity throughout the world. If, therefore, the amount devoted to Christian enterprise were a true measure of the presence and activity of the Christ-life, these figures might well awaken the greatest enthusiasm.

Association of Teachers
September 26, 1903

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