Christian Science and Cheerfulness

San Francisco Examiner

The theory elaborated in a recent issue of the Examiner to explain how Christian Science cures disease was quite ingenious, but to attribute the cures to "cheerfulness" alone is very much like saying that one would be healed if he took a certain kind of medicine, but not showing him where he could get the medicine. When a person is sick he is not usually very cheerful; and to tell him to be cheerful and he will get well, without giving him any basis for his cheerfulness, is useless.

While Christian Scientists are a cheerful and happy people, they were not so before they knew of Christian Science. Most of them were sick and miserable; but the understanding of God, as revealed in Christian Science, healed them and made them happy. Then, very naturally. they would be cheerful and keep well, because they had gained a knowledge of the truth, which our Master said "shall make you free."

"Science and Religion."
September 19, 1903

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