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The Canal Treaty between the United States and the Republic of Panama has been drawn and was signed by Secretary, Hay for the United States and M. Bunau-Varilla for the new Republic, November 18. The Republic declared its independence November 3. The treaty contains twenty-six articles. The first five deal with the question of sovereignty, and the remaining twenty-one with administration. Article I. says in substance that the United States guarantees and agrees to maintain the independence of the Republic of Panama; Article II. The Republic of Panama cedes to the United States five miles on each side of the canal, and three marine miles at each terminal, and also any other lands necessary to the construction or maintenance of the canal and its auxiliaries; Article V. The Republic of Panama grants to the United States in perpetuity a monopoly of any system of communication across its territory by canal or railroad.

Dr. Thomas Herran, the Colombian charge at Washington, and Senor Brigard, the Colombian consul-general at New York, are putting in shape the affairs of the Colombian legation preparatory to its closure. The supposition is, either Dr. Herran has been ignored by his government, which has refused to answer his cablegram or advise him at all regarding the Isthmian situation, or his cablegrams have been held up.

Semi-annual Lecture of the Mother Church
November 28, 1903

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