Truth Abides

Some months ago I received a letter from you, in which you avowed a renewed faith in Christ. I rejoiced with you. In reply to my letter I received another long communication, after a careful perusal of which, Love prompts me to pass all allusion to my not being a student of the Scriptures. I know the thought about the supposed attitude of Christian Scientists toward the Scriptures. The battering does not change the fact of their being honest, earnest students of the Bible. In regard to the oft-repeated attack upon Christian Science, I will say: anything that does not, or cannot, change the absolute fact, is not worthy of recognition. We may go into paroxysms in our effort to defend or destroy, but a fact remains calm, serene, and absolute. I may argue against a rule of arithmetic, while you, by its application, demonstrate the principle thereof and prove your problem; my attitude does not change the fact. Is there not, for you, more in the demonstration? It is a rule that understanding of any scientific study comes to the individual through his own concentration of thought upon the principle and rule. In no way is Christian Science an exception to this order. In studying the different interpretations of the Scriptures by different personalities or mentalities, we find the beliefs as diverse as face and form, yet the Scriptures say, "Be ye all of one mind." It takes the Spirit with the letter to understand the Bible, so it does to understand Science and Health. Without any worship of personality, I appreciate Mrs. Eddy for what she is to the world to-day.

He who proclaimed to the world there is power in steam, was, it is said, pooh-poohed and persecuted, but the fact remained unchanged, and in time it was proved by demonstration. To-day is it proclaimed to the world that all power is in Immortal Mind, and it is proved beyond a doubt by a scientific rule in the healing of the sick and the reform of the sinner. When we let this Mind which was in Christ Jesus rule us, the Scripture is illumined by the one Mind and the same spiritual understanding is conveyed to each individual alike and all are of one mind.

Through Deep Waters
July 31, 1902

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