Christian Science came to me in April, 1899, when very...

Christian Science came to me in April, 1899, when very near death's door. I had spent the greater part of seventeen years in bed, and was no comfort to myself or family. For days at a time I could not endure my children near me. During that time I had twenty-one doctors. Two operations were performed. The last did not heal for a year, and then it was healed by Science treatment.

My eyes were in a dreadful condition. Two of the best oculists in the country said they had never seen a case like mine, and I could never go without glasses. I used to wait until the gas was out, then take my glasses off and lay them on the floor under my bed. The first thing in the morning as soon as my eyes were opened I put on glasses, sometimes an hour or two before it was time to get up. For two and three days at a time I would have to stay in bed with a bandage over my eyes and shades down to keep out any light, and my eyes would be so swollen that I could not open them. After the excruciating pain would leave, my eyes would be black as though they were bruised. I have never had my glasses on since my first treatment. I have been able to read and do all kinds of fancy work. I crocheted a black silk bag with steel beads at night, without any bad effects.

Testimony of Healing
For a long time I have felt I should like to write and say...
July 31, 1902

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