The Passing of Religious Antagonism

The appearance of a Jewish Rabbi in a Congregational Church and before a convention of Christian Endeavorers at Indianapolis, Ind., is an unusual event, and we are glad to give our readers the following extract from Rabbi Cohn's interesting address as reported in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

Let men unite! Let them put aside their dislikes, their differences, their disagreements, their passions, prejudices, preferences: whatever it is that separates them from one another; that builds the barriers of race, creed, country, or ambition; that arrays brethren in hostile camps where unkind deeds are done and cruel words are spoken. Let men remember that their beliefs, opinions, feelings, interests, whatever they may be pleased to call them, are not necessarily just and right because they are theirs; because for centuries they have entertained them, or for long years carefully nursed and nurtured them. Let them ever bear in mind that no one is always right and never wrong; that all human things are fallible; that neither church, nor state, nor science, nor philosophy, nor any system or institution yet conceived or devised by man, possesses all wisdom or has a monopoly of eternal truth. Let science be less arrogant, philosophy more reverent, economics more humble, and religion more tolerant and humane.

A Reporter at a Christian Science Service
July 31, 1902

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