Christian Science, its Place and Work

It cannot now be successfully disputed that a new energy and new life is given to Christendom and to the world through the revival of the gospel healing as taught and practised by Christian Scientists. Christianity includes physical healing as well as the healing of sin. The gospel of salvation, as practised by Jesus and the apostles, has this undivided garment for its foundation. "By their fruits ye shall know them," is the foundation of all Church building, and that Church which does not build upon this fundamental principle will some day find the multitudes going in some other direction. There is nothing so tenacious as a religious belief, and the world is surfeited with argument and quotations from the Scriptures to prove doctrine; hence the demand for improved conditions, practical results, and present reward for present obedience. Criticism of other denominations will not maintain a Church, but on the contrary, it will accelerate its disintegration.

Christian Science began its growth and has continued to the present time in the endeavor to alleviate human suffering, sin, and sorrow, to visit the needy, to help the burdened. It does not select its subjects, but on the contrary, those who need it, seek it. Many who are wealthy in this world's goods have needed it and are found within its ranks; but the Christian Science Church is made up of people from every walk of life. Thousands of the so-called incurables have turned to Christian Science and have been restored to health and usefulness. In this practical age, wherein everything is crumbling but that which lifts mankind into better conditions, it would be exceedingly difficult to establish a church with no more to offer its devotees than the dogmas of a creed.

Our Part in the Temple
July 31, 1902

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