From my earliest remembrance I had trouble with my...

From my earliest remembrance I had trouble with my stomach, and was considered a weak, frail child. At the age of seventeen I was obliged to leave school on account of trouble with my head and severe hemorrhage from the nose. This continued for a number of years.

Constipation was another ill. Then followed hemorrhoids, for which local treatment was given for many years. The advise of the best physicians here and in Los Angeles, Cal., was sought. Finally I submitted to an operation in January, 1898. I did not rally from this as the physician expected, and he advised my coming east, hoping that in this pure air I should find what I so eagerly sought. The improvement was slight. Indigestion, which had been my constant companion for nearly twenty years, until there was little I dared to eat, now asserted itself, bringing on organic heart trouble. On April 11, 1900, I was attacked with what my physician thought was a very serious trouble. He did all he could, was very kind and conscientious, but after two weeks, as there was no improvement, I resolved to try Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I have been blessed in so many ways by Christian Science,...
July 31, 1902

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