For a long time I have felt I should like to write and say...

For a long time I have felt I should like to write and say how much Christian Science has done for me. It is now some years since we first heard of Science, and we have indeed had many wonderful proofs of its absolute truth in our family. I am now fifteen, but before coming into Science, when still quite small, I was always having something the matter with me. Among other things, I used to have severe toothache, that would often keep me awake nearly all night, and I never found anything that could stop it permanently. But the first time it tried to come after we heard of Science, I got up and read Science and Health, and in a very short time the toothache disappeared, and I have never had it since. I have also had a live nerve extracted from a tooth without feeling any pain. I said the Scientific Statement of Being over and over while the nerve was being taken out.

We had a most convincing proof of the all-protecting power of God last autumn, in the case of a bicycle accident. I was riding down a rather steep road with a stream running at one side, and a low stone wall beyond. I had my feet up on the rests in front, when suddenly I realized that the road was very muddy, and that the bicycle was skidding from side to side; and the next thing I remember I was standing on my feet in the stream, the left temple and side of my face having come with such force against the stone wall that it had sent me back again on to my feet. All that side of my face seemed to be paining me, so I declared the Truth as best I could, and walked home. My mother came in some minutes after, and I told her what had happened; so she treated me, and in less than an hour all the swelling was gone, and there was no mark on my face at all. Nobody except my mother and sister and one or two others knew anything about it at the time, because nobody saw any mark on my face. The pain also went in a very short time. The man who brought my bicycle home, said it was a wonder I was not killed. It did indeed give us a wonderful sense of the omnipresence and omnipotence of divine Love. But besides these physical proofs, Christian Science has helped and is helping me to overcome temper, for this I feel very grateful indeed.

Testimony of Healing
An account of a beautiful demonstration came in a letter...
July 31, 1902

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