A Day for Gratitude

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We so often resolve we will be thankful. But the swift demands of each day's wants enslave the mind. The average man is not so large as his place in the world. This is true in this age, for both industrial and social development were never so exacting. We drop yesterday when it is passed. We forget to reflect. In fact, we have no time, unless we take it—and the time is so filled.

There is only one way for the man of affairs who would live conscientiously. He must take time to reflect, to remark the fulfilment of his desires by a kind Providence, and note the goodness of his Creator. It is the peculiar office of the Sabbath to afford this time. It is a day for self-knowledge in relation to the Lord of all things. The purpose is man's good, not some jealous exaction on the part of Heaven. The Sabbath was made for man. It is the servant of his higher nature.

Is Christianity Declining?
February 15, 1900

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