Great bounty!

For the lesson titled "Substance" from March 5-11, 2012

Bountiful! Take a moment just to savor the word. Then note how from the opening Golden Text, “The Lord has dealt bountifully with you,” (Psalms 116:7) to the final promise of “infinite blessings” (Science and Health, p. 15, citation 30), this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Substance,” is wrapped in a theme of bounty and abundance. The word bountiful, defined as both a plentiful or generous supply and generosity in giving, has its origin in the Latin word bonus, which means “good.” And as the psalmist proclaims, “The Lord is good to all” (Psalms 145:9, Responsive Reading).

True substance is spiritual, unlimited, permanent—having thought, not matter, as its foundation. Science and Health explains, “God’s thoughts are perfect and eternal, are substance and Life” (p. 286, cit. 4). This Lesson identifies various facets of thought as substance—for example, as the substance of bones (Section III), of strength (Sect. IV), and of eyes (Sect. V)—thus spiritualizing our understanding of our health, our resources, and our faculties. 

Testimony of Healing
Child's earache healed quickly
March 5, 2012

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