Heart trouble healed

One beautiful day when I was living in Washington, DC, I took a great bike ride on a trail along the Potomac River on my way to visit one of my daughters. It was only a few miles, but a strong headwind made the ride strenuous as well as enjoyable. That night, however, I began to have strong heart palpitations—something I’d never experienced before. I was tempted to blame it on my biking that day, but I tossed that reasoning aside because Christian Science has taught me that I cannot suffer for doing something good, even if it is strenuous. God doesn’t make us pay a penalty for honest activity. The thumping in my chest continued right through the weekend, despite my earnest prayers affirming God’s harmonious control of all His children. 

Monday morning found me pondering the Lord’s Prayer, which is often a starting point for my day. This time, I didn’t get past the first two words, “Our Father” when this question came: “Whose Father—whose Father is God?” In answer, I started to name neighbors, church members, family members, groups of people in the community—all part of God’s family. 

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March 5, 2012

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