Bumper-sticker angel

Recently an “angel” cut in front of me in traffic. My wife and I were heading for the supermarket for our weekly shopping when a van swung aggressively into our lane. I have been praying about my driving for some time, striving truly to love everyone with whom I share the streets, so I held back the unkind words that sprang to my lips and declared that God loved the driver of the van, and therefore, I loved him. As we waited for a traffic light, my eye caught a sign on his rear windshield: “Never settle for less.”

I couldn’t tell what the bumper sticker was advertising, but the words of the sign jolted me. Immediately I felt myself finishing the phrase as follows: “Never settle for less than God gives; that is, never settle for less than all good. Never settle for a belief of incomplete healing. Never settle for less than complete harmony. Never settle for less than complete joy.”

Why should I forgive?
March 5, 2012

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