Men talk about success, morality, marriage

Successful businessmen speak openly on important issues

Recently, The Christian Science Sentinel—Radio Edition held a roundtable discussion exploring issues that men face all the time. At the table were three businessmen, each one successful in his field, and each one a devout Christian. The participants were Paul Collins, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, who is president of American Trust Company; Paul Marin, of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, who is vicepresident of the Institutional Sales Group at a Wall Street firm; and Steve Scheiern, of Thousand Oaks, California, the Southern California regional manager for a Fortune 100 financial services organization. The following edited excerpts begin with a discussion of how to achieve and maintain success.

Paul Collins: The pursuit of success, in itself, seems impossible to me. It's like pursuing happiness—the process can make the effort a failure from the outset. If, on the other hand, we gain happiness in the process of living our lives as best we know how, then we've gained true happiness. Whether we're working with children on probation or being a Scout leader or spending time with

Don't be afraid you'll fall
August 10, 1998

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