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To Our Readers

It Has Become a cliche to say that men don't like to talk about their feelings.


Thank you for the timely message found in Judith Cole's Workplace article entitled, "Business + Ethics = Success.
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With The Workweek growing longer and employees feeling less certain of job stability, spirituality is gaining a larger than ever role in the workplace.

Men talk about success, morality, marriage

An Interview With Paul Collins, Paul Marin, And Steve Scheiern What are men thinking about these days? We can't answer for all of them, yet a number of common themes emerged in a round-table discussion that took place recently at the Sentinel. Men and women alike will identify with the insights exchanged that day.

Don't be afraid you'll fall

Trust in God's care heals an injury—and the fear of falling.

Limited or free?

Am I limited, or am I free?

You are useful now

Here's a way to put more zip into your life through serving God—and others.
The life-saving presence of Christ


Retirement doesn't mean that we need to retreat, diminish, or decline in our activities, but rather to go forth with the expectancy of receiving God's goodness, trusting that He will show us the best way to live our lives.

Forgiveness, not revenge, is sweet

Are people today forgiving "seventy times seven," as Christ Jesus said they should? Many are. Nelson Mandela is one such example.

Improve your swing—and a whole lot more

Professional golfer Ben Doyle offers insights on the spiritual dimension of athletics—and life.

God's care for Toby

Find out how a young girl, away from home, healed her puppy through her own prayers to God.

Dear Sentinel

Our family got a new turtle after New Year's Day.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of a heart condition

The centerpiece of my prayer was subjecting my heart to God.

Testimony of Healing
Some months ago I had been systematically reading chapters in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in order to gain a deeper understanding of its spiritual content and to apply more consistently the healing truths it elucidates.
Testimony of Healing

Quick healing of digestive trouble

I immediately rejected the thought that food, rather than God, was responsible for my well-being.

Testimony of Healing

Child conquers fear of bees

Hi! My name is Clark.
Testimony of Healing

By Tuesday morning I was able to walk freely, do errands, and go berry picking in the afternoon.


The contention that we can be deprived of good, or suffer loss by taking a stand for honesty, was soundly defeated.



Q What is Christian Science?
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, announced it has fully repaid a loan from its pension fund that was used to cover the cost of closing The Christian Science Monitor's television activities.

Grace and the evening news

Sometimes prayer begins with a yearning to understand, as it did for me that evening.

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