Newborn infant fully recovers

When we went to the hospital for preparation for the delivery of our first child, everything seemed fine. You can imagine the immense shock, therefore, when the attending physician came out of the delivery room to tell me that he would have to perform a Caesarean section procedure for my wife. At this time, my wife was not a Christian Scientist, and it was clearly her wish that this procedure be done. Of course, I respected her choice.

When the procedure was completed and the child was delivered, the child needed more attention and care than this hospital could provide. Though my wife was not conscious at this time, I did what she would have wanted and accompanied the ambulance that took our baby to the neonatal intensive care unit of a very large hospital. The doctor expected that the baby would be in the intensive care unit for months, and she warned that even if the baby pulled through, there might be serious long-term effects.

Testimony of Healing
Swollen gums cured
May 18, 1998

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