Injured eye healed

One day while I was walking, I found an enormous feather, which I brought home for playing with the cat. Late that evening my cat and I had a merry time with the feather. Afterward, when I went to give him a hug, he took a playful swipe at my face and a claw landed in my eye. I was shocked at how the scene had changed in a moment from one of mirth to something much more serious. I nearly fainted.

I washed my eye with cold water and held a towel to it as I sat in a chair. I knew I had to turn my thought away from the frightening suggestions about the injured eye. I deliberately reflected upon some of the truths I had learned as a Christian Scientist. One that came immediately to thought is a line from "the scientific statement of being" in Science and Health: "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation ..." (p. 468). All that exists in truth is God and His ideas. These ideas are forever perfect and indestructible. They can never be injured or involved in an accident. Any claim of an injury to the eye, then, was nothing more than a suggestion that had no genuine cause, no reality, and no true substance. I also pondered the fact that one of God's ideas cannot injure another. Like me, the cat is a spiritual idea, and it is not possible that he could injure me. God's ideas can impart only good to one another.

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May 18, 1998

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