I was having one of those days

God loves us every day.

Things had not been going well. One morning as I drove to work, with cars moving at a snail's pace, I was particularly down. That's when I saw something that made a great impression on me. The sky was filled with ominous clouds, and yet there was a rather large hole right above me. Through the hole I could see that the sky was bright blue, the sun was clearly shining, and a rainbow was peeking out.

What a change this sight brought to my attitude! Those clouds were just like my mood, dark and dismal, but that bright sky, sun, and rainbow spoke to me of God's love shining right through the clouds, right to me. What I had to do was not be fooled into believing that because of the clouds, the sun had stopped shining or had any less power to bring heat and light. My dark mood could not stop God's love for me. My outlook brightened immediately (even if the day didn't). It was not surprising to me that the healing of a problem with my menstrual cycle that I had been having for over a year occurred very soon after this; my monthly cycles became normal.

You can't be duplicated
May 18, 1998

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