Caught in the cross-fire?

Sometimes when we are in trouble, it seems as though God were absent. But God is always with us, and we can trust this spiritual fact.

Sometimes the twists and turns our lives take may tempt us to ask whether God has any control over His creation. Tension among co-workers, a problem that doesn't seem to yield, a family full of friction, drug or child abuse—all these can suggest that an omnipresent, loving God is more myth than reality.

But there is an effective way to bring change to situations that seem so troublesome. Turning to God in prayer and learning more about what divine Love is can bring just the solution we need, often in ways we can't possibly foresee or create humanly. When we understand that we are not alone, that our omnipresent, loving Father is actually with us right where the problem seems to be, we can begin to find healing.

A time to solo
December 3, 1990

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