Patience, fidelity, and the promise of healing

What can we do when time seems to have come between us and healing?

Some years ago I faced a challenging physical problem and called a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. We worked together for quite a while. During frequent conversations I often impatiently asked when the healing would be complete, so I might get back to "life as usual." One day while visiting the practitioner and barely masking my exasperation, I blurted, "I wouldn't mind being patient if I just knew how long I have to be patient!" His kind response made me realize at once how ludicrous this was—impatient willingness to be patient!

Nevertheless, there was improvement and, eventually, a complete and permanent healing. Through this experience and other subsequent experiences, I've learned that when I'm praying faithfully, acknowledging and trusting God's complete control, I can trust that progress is always going on. Much more is always happening than outward appearances can ever indicate.

More than just waiting
July 17, 1989

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