One of the inviting things about Christian Science is that it gives us a new outlook and new views of everything around us—thus fulfilling Paul's description of what happens when one accepts the Christ: "Behold, all things are become new." II Cor. 5:17. This certainly applies to our thoughts about the Church of Christ, Scientist, whether we are members or not.

Popular attitudes today are flavored with a good deal of skepticism and disillusionment about the workings of organizations, and with a feeling they're burdensome. Many people have accepted the notion: "I don't need organization—I just want to do my own thing." Yet when one views our church with spiritual insight, such an attitude would seem, frankly, a bit shallow, because this church is so utterly different—in origin, nature, and action—from any other human institution.

Practitioner and patient—before the call
March 16, 1981

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